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Custom Computer Systems & Peripherals
With the many computer systems on the market today, one can easily become overwhelmed. Using our experience, we can custom design a computer system that fits your business and individual needs precisely. One can easily become enticed with cheaply priced computers. and end up with a cheap computer. We can make this investment become an asset rather than an anchor by using quality components that are durable and efficient. We proudly use Dell computer systems.
Security, Threat Analysis & Remediation
One of the biggest concerns in today's technology is security. Whether in the form of viruses, identity theft or stolen data, we can analyze your current systems and make recommendations to help secure your data. If an intrusion has already occurred, we can clean up the mess and make the necessary changes to prevent a reoccurrence. There are many options available including software, hardware and through policies. You can never be too safe in dealing with this constantly changing threat.
IT & Systems Administration
We specialize in providing IT Administration to small businesses that otherwise could not justify a full time IT Administrator. If you have computers in your business, you need some level of upkeep, growth and troubleshooting. In most cases we can configure secure remote administration to rapidly respond to your needs. Our commitment is to make your systems efficient at a reasonable cost. Today's world requires information technology to be competitive, and a poorly setup network can cost you money!
New Business Startup & Technology Upgrades
If you're starting a new business, there's one thing you have to have. computers! With the hundreds of decisions and pressures of a business startup, technology needs can be overwhelming. We can take that worry from you by handling all of your information technology needs, from concept, design & purchase to installation and integration. Our expertise and associations make this a seamless part of your new venture. Make an appointment with us today, the sooner we talk the better equipped you will be.
Maintenance, Upkeep & Efficiency Solutions
Computers require ongoing maintenance to keep them running fast and efficient. It's nearly impossible to keep out security threats and malicious code. A routine maintenance schedule can root out these problems before they become a threat. Has your computer become sluggish? Annoyed with pop-ups or add-ons you didn't need or want? Ongoing upkeep can also keep your system running smooth and responsive. We have many support plans available to maintain your valuable computer network.
Network Design & Implementation
Are you expanding your network? Do you have more than one computer that needs to share common data or internet access? Is your computer network outdated or slow? Today, GigaSpeed networks are the norm, if you're not transferring data at this speed. why not? We can design all aspects of your network: wiring, routers, switches, firewalls, broadband access, wireless, security and data sharing. Let us work with you to fully maximize your in-house network.
Data Backup & Retrieval
Most people never realize how important their data is until they've lost it. Whether personal or business, data plays a critical role in today's world. If you don't have a backup plan for your personal photos, business records or accounting data, you are walking on the edge of disaster. Let us help you devise and implement layers of redundancy into the security of your data. Don't wait until it's too late. If you've already lost important data, there may still be hope to recover it.
Server Options, Email & Shared Data
If your business needs to centrally manage your workstations, user accounts, shared data, backups and security issues, then you need someone with the expertise to fully integrate your information technology system. Using quality Dell servers, you are assured of dependable and efficient operations. We can design, purchase and implement any client/server solution your business needs from small scale on up. If you're a new business, do it right from the beginning, if you've needed to upgrade, now is the time.
Internet & Web Hosting Solutions
Whether home or business, the one thing every computer needs is internet access. We can assist in picking the right broadband provider and providing the additional hardware needed to make it work right. We provide various and custom web hosting solutions. Multiple email mailbox solutions. Domain names, DNS & name server management. If it's connected to the internet, we can help. Our varied and growing cloud based solutions are local, fast and supported with a personal touch.
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